Short Curly Hair Styles 2014

If you have naturally curly hair then short curly hair style is glorious option for you because it is best suit for every curly hair women. If you want to feel awesome and boost up your confidence just follow the hair style in the way it is, not to change it. As many women with straight hair wants to get curly hair and curly hair women wants the straight one. You feel special when you get the compliment from people “the way your hair is a statement about who you really are”. Here are many hair style techniques discussed here to give your desired look. Just pick up one of them which are best fit to you. In short curly hair styles, you can make your curl in the form of small ringlets which is nicely cover your face side and give you shiny and perfect look in simple way. Hair accessories is all time in fashion in all hair type girls. Today’s most wearable hair accessories are head bands and small pins or small beats. In short curly hairs these accessories are used to get baby soft look without any effort. Simply wear the head band or apply the pins in any direction gives you soft look ever you used prom hairstyles 2014. Front sleek bang is the most wear able hair style in 2014. Simply straight the front bang and leave the remaining hair open on the back side of your head. It will give you trendy and stylish look.  


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